NanoGroup S.A. – a company developing biotechnology and medical projects with a groundbreaking significance for oncology, transplantology and blood donations, took its first step towards listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie). In connection with the planned Initial Public Offering (IPO), on 23 May 2017, the company filed an issue prospectus with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

– The aim of the public offering of shares is to obtain additional funds for the financing of our own contribution for biotechnological projects that are currently being developed by NanoGroup related to the treatment and prevention of oncologic diseases and illnesses connected with transplantology and blood donations, as well as the financing of investments in new projects. I am certain that the funds obtained through the public offering will give us a strong impulse to speed up the further development of already advanced biotechnological projects carried out by SPVs of the NanoGroup. We intend to carry out the public offering in the second half of the year, however the final decision on the date of the offering will depend, among others, on the condition of the capital market – said Marek Borzestowski, President of the Management Board of NanoGroup S.A.

NanoGroup consists of three subsidiaries which have been operating for the past few years (NanoVelos S.A., NanoSanguis S.A., NanoThea S.A.) and which are carrying out five biotechnological projects that are in advanced stages of development. NanoGroup coordinates and supervises operations of its subsidiaries and is the centre where the decisions concerning the creation and execution of development strategies are undertaken. The team leading NanoGroup consists of a mix of professionals specialising in biotechnology, medicine and business. Mr Marek Borzestowski, the co-founder and a long-term CEO of Wirtualna Polska, is accompanied by another key member of the Management Board – professor Tomasz Ciach – a highly achieved scientist (the creator of over 20 patents) and expert in nanotechnology, who is responsible for the development of research projects in the company as well as doctor Adam Kiciak responsible for the coordination of pre-clinical and clinical trial studies.

NanoVelos S.A. is currently developing a project involving the creation of an innovative system of drug transportation, which, when applied to already existing oncologic drugs, will improve their functioning by enabling targeted transport of the active substance to the cancer while simultaneously reducing the toxic impact of the active substance on the remaining parts of the body.

NanoSanguis S.A. is currently carrying out two nanotechnological projects. The first one – Organ farm – a system for a long-term storage of human organs ex vivo (outside the body) through a development of a production of perfusion fluids. The second project involves a development of a synthetic carrier that imitates red cells with a long period of circulation in the body and a long expiry date (2 years).

NanoThea S.A. carries out the development of biopolymeric nanoparticles used in advanced, early diagnostic of cancer allowing for a more precise PET diagnostic (positron emission tomography) and making it more accessible. The technology developed by NanoThea allows for a combination of two diagnostics methods PET and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and combining diagnostics with radiotherapy.

– We are currently carrying out research related to very serious medical problems, among others, we are working on a new oncologic therapy which will improve the effectiveness of cancer treatments and reduce side effects in patients. This solution is a system of drug transportation with the use of nanoparticles developed by NanoVelos, thanks to which the drug can be delivered precisely to the cancerous cells and the accumulation of the drug in the cancerous cell will be increased at least twice says professor Tomasz Ciach, Member of the Management Board of NanoGroup S.A.

The scientific research and development works carried out by NanoGroup in the area of new technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmacology and medical diagnostics are financed with own and public funds available as grants and as part of the European Union programmes. Non-repayable public funding allows NanoGroup to obtain a leverage on the Research and Development projects in progress reaching 4 times their own funds. The value of the received grants reached PLN 22 million. NanoGroup obtained further PLN 7.5 million from the successful private placement of shares executed in December 2016. Another source of financing for NanoGroup’s research projects will be the public offering of shares planned for this year.

– Our business model assumes the sale of licences for the results of the projects related to medical technologies at an early stage of their development, i.e. during pre-clinical and first clinical phase, to international biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical corporations. In order to increase the likelihood of a successful licence sale transaction, we have already commenced the search process for partners among international pharmaceutical companies in order to sign partnership agreements says doctor Adam Kiciak, Member of the Management Board of NanoGroup S.A.

Biotechnology is currently one of the most dynamically growing fields globally due to the increase in demand for specialist drugs, in particular oncologic, and due to the on-going aging process of the well developed societies. Anti-cancer drugs constitute currently the most researched group of drugs in biomedicine (there are currently 6,200 drugs being developed and the therapies which are being researched include over 30% of oncologic drugs). Nowadays, many large pharmaceutical companies tend to reduce expenditures of their own research facilities and prefer to buy technologies developed by smaller biotechnological companies.

The Offeror for NanoGroup’s Initial Public Offering is Vestor Dom Maklerski Spółka Akcyjna, the Financial Advisor is ADDVENTURE Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością i Wspólnicy Spółka komandytowa, and the Legal Advisor is Chajec, Don-Siemion & Żyto Spółka komandytowa. The Investor Relations Advisor is cc group Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością.

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This material is of informative nature only. It does not constitute the basis for any investment decisions with regards to acquisition of securities, in particular it does not constitute an offer or a proposal to acquire shares. The only document, the content of which can constitute the basis for decisions about acquisition of shares in NanoGroup S.A. will be issue prospectus for shares of NanoGroup SA approved by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and published by the issuer.