NanoGroup S.A.

is a group of biotechnology companies. The group’s goal is to develop value of best projects with potential for global market expansion in the areas of:
– cancer prevention
– early diagnostics
– targeted cancer therapies
– oncological rehabilitation


Mission of NanoGroup is to build a cluster of medical and biotechnological companies active in the field of diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation of oncological patients.


Currently, the group is managing five technologically advanced nanoengineering projects organized under three specialized startups.

All NanoGroup projects have successfully completed the Proof of Concept phase, whit risks reducing numerous grants. In 2016, the value of grants awarded exceeded PLN 33 million. By the end of 2017 this value may exceed PLN 73 million.


NanoGroup plans to sell licenses to its early-stage solutions (pre-clinical and clinical phase 1st) to international biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies.

According to the Financial Times, in 2014 the average value of pre-clinical trials’ license agreements in reached the level of $ 25 million, and in the first phase of clinical trials – $ 50 million.

The NanoGroup team consists of professionals in the field of biotechnology, medicine and VC investments with proven business successes experience. Each technological project of NanoGroup consists teams of biotechnology and technology implementation managers working together from min. 2 year.

Przemysław Mazurek

President of the Management Board of NANOGROUP S.A.

Associated with the health market since 2004. As Managing Director, he restructured and developed the most dynamically operating Medical Center in the Podkarpacie region, creating and setting new standards of customer service quality on the market. Co-creator of the first solution in Poland for online registration of medical appointments. Co-founder of the first and only Infertility Treatment Clinic (MEDICOR) in Podkarpacie, which he headed as the President until 2009. He was responsible for the development of health insurance in the PZU Group. As Vice President of PZU Pomoc S.A. created the largest medical TPA in Poland to handle health insurance. Co-founder of the first drug insurance in Poland. Since 2015, he has been active in the field of Wealth Management and advises on management and finance. A graduate of International Economic and Political Relations as well as Management and Marketing at the Warsaw School of Economics.

Piotr Mierzejewski

Vice President of the Management Board of NANOGROUP S.A.

Clinical pharmacology specialist, former advisor to the Minister of Health on drug policy. He negotiated Poland’s accession to the EU in the field of pharmacy, responsible for the implementation of EU directives in the field of pharmacy into the Polish legal system. Co-founder of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products. Owner of a consulting company cooperating with international pharmaceutical companies in the field of introducing new technologies to the Polish market.

prof. Tomasz Ciach

Founder, Member of the Management Board of NANOGROUP S.A.

Nanotechnology expert. Professor at the Faculty of Chemical and Processing Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, head of the Biotechnology and Bioprocessing Division. Author of two technologies that are already in production stage, 12 granted patents and over 50 publications. Founder of BioMedLab research group, consultant in numerous companies (AstraZeneca, Procter and Gamble, Reckit, Adamed, Balton, Galmed). Work on various aspects of Biomedical Engineering, mostly on biomedical nanotechnology, active coatings for medical implants, nanoparticles for cancer treatment, biodegradable and nonbiodegradable implants, bone and vascular prosthesis. He gives rare, but already brilliant example of how brave ideas become socially and financially valuable.

Stefan Bogusławski

Executive Director of NANOGROUP S.A.

For almost 30 years he has been involved in research and consulting in the health market. His professional experience includes many years of managing the Polish branch and the Central European region at IMS Health (IQVIA) and managing research and consulting companies Azyx, Sequence HC Partners and PEX PharmaSequence. He is the author of a number of presentations at many conferences in Poland and abroad as well as publications in the general and professional press on the Polish health market, and the drug market in particular.

Anna Redwan

Chief Operating Officer of NANOGROUP S.A.

Expert in external funding and implementation of new technologies – in 2005-2021, manager of high-budget projects with EU funding. A graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw, a graduate of Postgraduate Management Studies in Project Management at the Management Faculty of the University of Warsaw, a graduate of Postgraduate Studies in New Marketing (Social Media), Collegium da Vinci, graduate of the Stock Exchange School of the WSE Main Market. As a hobby and profession, also Project/Event and Social Media Manager, organizer and coordinator of cultural, educational and scientific events.

Jerzy Garlicki

President of the Supervisory Board of NANOGROUP S.A.

Medical doctor, also completed MBA, effective manager. Organizer of the business model and company structures – experienced in building and developing companies and conducting enterprise restructuring processes. In the past, director and motivator of large companies and teams of people. A recognizable man as a leader in the Polish pharmaceutical industry. Member of the Supervisory Board of American Heart of Poland SA and President of WSiP SA. Previously, the President of Astra Zeneca Sp. z o.o., President of Fournier Polska Sp. z o.o., Sales Director at Pfizer Polska Sp. z o.o., Sales Director and Marketing Director of MSD Poland – also active in the field of clinical trials.

PhD Tadeusz Wesołowski

Member of the Supervisory Board of NANOGROUP S.A.

Well-known investor focused on medical and biotech companies. He has extensive professional experience related to the healthcare sector. Founder of Prosper S.A., who has been a member of NEUCA S.A. – the leader in the pharmaceutical distribution market in Poland. Member of supervisory boards listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange of NEUCA, Selvita and Braster. He is also involved in venture capital funds: Inovo and Experior. Doctor of Technical Sciences, graduate of Warsaw University of Technology.

Artur Olender

Member of the Supervisory Board of NANOGROUP S.A.

An investor, entrepreneur and financial advisor with more than 28 years of professional experience. Managed the oldest Polish brokerage firm – DM PENETRATOR Inc. Partner in Addventure and chairman of the supervisory board of: Intersport Polska Inc., Ailleron Inc., Archicom Inc., Sotis LLC, OTC Inc. Former advisor to the Minister of Ownership Changes and the Minister of Treasury at several privatization processes. Active participant in many environmental and legislative initiatives for the development of the Polish capital market. He participated in the implementation of several dozen projects of raising capital on the private and stock market. Helped with IPO process of: Mostostal Warszawa, Odlewnie Polskie, Poligrafia, WSiP, Polmos Białystok, Intersport, K2, InteliWise, Cyfrowy Polsat, OT Logistic, Mercator Medical, Ailleron and Archicom . Studied at AGH University of Science and Technology and London Business School. Private: windsurfer, sailor, skier, traveler, poet, composer and philanthropist.

Robert Dziubłowski

Member of the Supervisory Board of NANOGROUP S.A.

Co-founder of Top Consulting SA, one of the oldest consulting companies on the Polish market. He has over 25 years of international experience in the field of investment consulting, raising capital for companies, market acquisitions and company management. A longtime consultant of American financial organizations on Wall Street in New York, including those listed on the NASDAQ and NYSE stock exchanges. He advised, among others: Household International in the preparation of a takeover strategy and obtaining a banking license in Poland, Wussler Group, partner of Ted Turner Pictures in an attempt to take over NTV, the largest private TV station in Russia, Eiffage Construction in the acquisition of Mitex, the largest at that time, construction company, the Industrial Union of Donbass, an industrial group in Ukraine. Member, chairman and chairman of supervisory boards of many companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, including: Bauma SA (now ULMA SA), Computerland Poland SA (now Signity), PolAqua SA Co-founder of the Start-up Hub Poland Fund. A graduate of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw and International Relations at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.

Marek Borzestowski

Member of the Supervisory Board of NANOGROUP S.A.

For many years, the President of the Management Board of NanoGroup, a holding of biotechnology companies. Entrepreneur, manager and founder of many innovative companies with over 20 years of experience as a co-owner and board member in leading Polish biotechnology, IT and e-commerce companies. After more than a decade of work as the president of the first internet portal in Poland – Wirtualna Polska, he founded the Polish-Israeli VC Giza Polish Ventures. Founder of the Sobieski Institute think-tank, the Startup Hub Poland Foundation. Member of supervisory boards in many innovative companies. Marek is a graduate of the Faculty of Management and Economics of the Gdańsk University of Technology, he also studied at the University of Wales in Great Britain. He conducted research at the Nuclear Research Center in Karlsruhe and the Gdańsk University of Technology.

Paweł Ciach

Member of the Supervisory Board of NANOGROUP S.A.

Diplomat and specialist in the field of Marketing, Media Relations, Strategic and Marketing Communications. Graduate of the International Relations at the Institute of National Languages and Civilizations, history and sociology at the School of Social Sciences at the Faculty of History in Paris. He graduated from the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna and post-graduate studies in Management at the University of Warsaw. Worked as a journalist, columnist, commentator, translator and foreign correspondent. Former adviser to the President of the Management Board for Media Relations at the Agricultural Market Agency and President of the Press-Net Board. Trainer of PR in Migut Media, Knowledge, ECU International, Adam Śledański Advertising Academy. He was the director of the office of the Executive Board of the Association for the Employment of Disabled Persons and the chairman of the board of the “Independent. Foundation for the Disabled”. Lecturer at the Institute of Journalism Warsaw School of Advertising.

Magdalena Janczewska

Co-founder of NanoThea S.A.

Deeply focused in nanomedical devices for drug delivery and diagnostics dedicated to oncological applications. First gained her experience in R&D team at NanoVelos (targeted chemotherapy) company, then nominated for CEO of NanoThea (radiopharmaceuticals for early diagnostics). Doing her PhD and MBA studies to combine science with bussines world and commercialisation of life-science projects. Leads the team and spreads her passion for the idea of nanoparticles. Her competences join leadership and technological issues of nanoparticles manufacturing.

PhD Iga Wasiak

Founder of NanoVelos S.A.

PHD in Biomedical Engineering in Industrial Biotechnology at the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry. Co-author of the patent “A method for preparing polysaccharide nanoparticles”, the basis of NanoVelos technology. Her 8 year laboratory experience began with receiving microcapsules for chondrocytes encapsulation in cartilage regeneration. Has experience in the synthesis of polymer nanoparticles as well as metals, obtained by chemical synthesis or in microfluidic systems. Completed numerous trainings, including Nanotechnology Summer School at University of Oxford. Worked as scientist in several grants. Cooperation during European grant FonDiag (EuroNanoMed) results in scholarship at Institute of Advanced Technology for Life Sciences (ITAV) in France.

Agata Stefanek

Co-founder of NanoSanguis S.A.

Biotechnologist. Founder of NanoSanguis S.A. PhD candidate at Warsaw University of Technology at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering. Specialist in tissue engineering, cell encapsulation, artificial organs designing. Strong experience in project management earned by leading National Science Centre’s projects. Mountain guide, sailor; interested in wooden architecture and iconography.

The NanoGroup portfolio includes a selection of  technology projects in the field of bio-tech and nano-tech development within three start-up structures.
This project is directed to creation of an innovative drug delivery system capable to shuffle proven oncologic drugs that improves their performance.

The company develops an innovative drug transport system that – if applied to existing cancer drugs – will be able to improve their performance by direct transport of an active substance straight to the cancer while reducing toxicity of the active substance for unaffected parts of the body.
The project has the financial background of EU funds for a total amount of PLN 12M.

Two nanotechnology projects developing “artificial blood” able to keep alive bled out human organism wounded in accidents or a warfare.
Two nanotechnology projects based on “artificial blood” sollution:

Organ Farm – The farm-system for long-term storage of ex vivo organ (outside the body) through the development of perfusion fluid (with grant funding provided of PLN 5.7 m).

Artificial Blood – synthetic O2 and CO2 media imitating the functions of red blood cells. A long-lasting structure enables the „artificial blood” to circulate longer in the body and a long shelf life (2 years). Project in a grant process for PLN 2, 2M.

Company develops the unique technology of an earliest cancer cells concentration detection which enables unprecedented tumor prevention.

Two projects using nanotechnology in advanced cancer diagnostics imaging MRI and PET:

Early diagnosis of tumors – nanoparticles used in the biopolimer diagnosis as a carrier of radioisotopes (provided funding from grants of PLN 5, 2 M)

early diagnosis of cancer of the prostate gland – safe and effective radio-pharmaceutics for the prostate cancer diagnosis (in a grant proces for PLN 1, 8M)

NanoGroup S.A. filed prospectus with the PFSA

NanoGroup S.A. – a company developing biotechnology and medical projects with a groundbreaking significance for oncology, transplantology and blood donations, took its first step towards listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie)....

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NanoSanguis – historia od startup do Pałacu

NanoSanguis – historia od startup do Pałacu

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NanoGroup is a platform of competence and specialists who share a believe that groundbreaking technologies responding to pressing global challenges can emerge and be developed in Poland.

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